Our Story

Hello, I’m Eki! Founder of Mamawata and one of the driving forces behind its essence. I’m a Costa Rican, also known as a ‘tica,’ born in San Jose but now proudly calling Nosara my home for the past 12 years. The moment I set foot here, I felt an instant sense of belonging!

The ocean and nature hold a special place in my heart. Nature, in particular, serves as my sanctuary, grounding and expanding me in profound ways. I’m in love with surfing, movement, travel, and food and Mamawata serves as my channel to share all my passions with you, emphasizing the incredible magic that unfolds when girls unite!

my inspiration

Back in 2018, what inspired me to start Mamawata was my full-on love for surfing and the whole vibe and lifestyle that came with it; just all the incredible things it made me feel! It’s been and still is my go to happy place!

Also, I had been teaching surfing for a good while and had been part of a couple of women’s retreats in town. But after running my first retreat, I realized my inspiration was way beyond just my passion.

Seeing the impact the retreats had on the lives, journeys, and current situations of the women who joined, myself included, was mind-blowing! The way these spaces bring about sisterhood and that amazing camaraderie is something the modern world is missing out on! And with surfing being the catalyst behind all of this, it couldn’t be more spot on! That’s what keeps the fire burning and inspires me to keep going!

Mamawata Surf Retreats for Women Nosara Costa Rica

the ultimate state of bliss

When I’m in full-on retreat mode, I’m just in total bliss! I honestly enjoy every minute of it and if I had to pick my favorite thing about running retreats it would be the excitement of not knowing what the week’s got in store for all of us. It’s all about waiting to discover the lessons or the magic the retreat holds. I absolutely love watching how the week unfolds – from being strangers at the start to feeling like a solid group of friends by midweek, having the best time ever! Everyone’s sharing their stories, we’re surfing like crazy and having an epic time in the water, cheering each other on in the waves, dancing, singing, and sometimes even crying! It just makes my heart burst! I LOVE Retreats!

our mission

At Mamawata, our mission perfectly aligns with our slogan, “Surfing for Women, By Women.” Our aspiration is to cultivate an incredible feminine energy in and outside the water. We aim to encourage more women to connect, share epic waves, and revel in the camaraderie that surfing brings, a vision we’re thrilled to share with you.

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